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Hi I’m Eric Brown, author, editor and founder of Market Intelligently. I’m an entrepreneur, investor and advisor in the startup space. I started my career in Marketing and AdTech in 2005 working for a small company based in Boston called Dotomi. To say that I was lucky was an understatement. I was fortunate to be part of a company that didn’t tank like so many others, pivoted and in the end experienced massive growth over many years ultimately being acquired by ValueClick Media.

Post Dotomi, whose operations moved to Chicago, I worked at Jumptap, a pioneer in mobile advertising and one of the larger early ad networks. I again was fortunate to see a channel in the advertising industry in its infancy and to be part of a rapidly growing organization. One thing that was clear. A lot of the mistakes of online were being repeated in mobile. Furthermore, even though the channel was different, Advertisers still required an insight into whether or not they were getting a return on the money they were pouring into this new channel. The technology in many ways was being worked out in real-time and many quickly learned that applying online tech to mobile simply didn’t work well. I saw an opportunity, and co-founded a company, Media Armor with a former Dotomi colleague, Elizabeth Zalman.

We were early to market with a platform that accurately measured the effectiveness of mobile advertising on consumer behavior. The platform quickly evolved from pure analytics to a multi-channel advertising stack that also linked marketing efforts to offline activity. We eventually exited, selling the company to Nomi Technologies on the basis of our user-graph and multi-channel consumer profiles. I was even able to author a patent along the way.

Since the exit, and subsequent acquisition of Nomi I’ve married my amazing wife, gone to culinary school, worked in product at promising startup called nToggle, had a son, and am currently the CTO of MediaWallah, a company bringing user-graphing via Data as a Service to the industry.

This site is a reflection on the lessons I’ve learned in marketing, advertising, adtech, business and by proxy life in general. The articles are distillations of my experience, things I wished I had known and how I see the ecosystem today. Many lessons are applicable to other industries and businesses but I will remained focused on Advertising Technology.

This is the playbook I wish I had. I invite reflection and conversation from industry newbies and veterans alike.



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I am available for speaking opportunities and politely request at least 30 days notice so I can plan my schedule accordingly.


All thoughts are my own. Duh!  Nothing here is meant to reflect the thoughts of my companies, employers, investors or companies I advise. They think for themselves too.

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